Employment Stages

The resume of each applicant will be added to ILC's database so that as soon as a vacancy opens up that meets the applicant's education, work experience and employment preferences, ILC will contact invite him/her to a presentation about the program and conduct an interview in the company office in Kyiv.


To begin employment abroad or the immigration process, applicants must fill in the online application form on the ILC website, complete one in person in ILC's Ukraine office or send their CV to . Each resume will be added to the ILC database and reviewed by ILC staff.

Presentation and pre-selection interviews with ILC

If the applicant's occupation, work experience and English language proficiency meet the requirements of one of the vacancies, s/he will be invited to a program presentation and pre-selection interview with ILC. During the presentation s/he will have an opportunity to learn more about ILC and the prospective employer, and be given detailed information about the work requirements, conditions and costs of the program, plus specific requirements for candidates and the opportunity to ask questions. During the interview, applicants will be required to take a language proficiency test.

Practical skills testing

Depending on the program chosen by the applicant, ILC will arrange a qualification test in order to test each candidate's job skills. The employer may be present during the practical test, though ILC can also provide the employer with pictures and/or video of the applicant undergoing the skills assessment.

Interview with an employer

Interviews with employers may take place in ILC's Kyiv office or via Skype. All candidates must be able to speak English to be interviewed by the employer without help of an interpreter.

Receiving a job offer and processing of documents

After a successful interview with a prospective employer, the candidate will receive a job offer that outlines the predetermined working conditions, salary and other terms of employment. After the applicant signs a job offer, ILC begins to process all required documents for employment abroad. This process may take from 1 to 12 months depending on the type of program, country of employment and place of residence for the candidate.

Foreign language studies

Each program outlines the requirements concerning the required level of language proficiency in the country of employment. If an applicant's knowledge does not meet the requirements of the program, s/he may improve it by attending ILC language courses or through independent language study.

Medical examination

After an applicant's documents have been screened, the host country's embassy will send a request for the applicant to take a medical examination through the International Organization for Migration.

If the applicant is from a country whose citizens do not require a visa to enter Canada, s/he does not need to undergo a medical examination. Please follow the link to check the list of countries where you are not required to undergo medical examination at the official web-site of Canadian government:

Receiving visas, booking flights, pre-departure orientation and departure for the country of employment

As soon as the applicant receives their work visa, s/he can begin preparing for departure. ILC assists with booking flights as well as arranges pre-departure adaptation workshops about the life, culture and work in the country where s/he will go to live.

If the applicant is from a country whose citizens do not require a visa to enter Canada, s/he does not need to obtain visa; they only need an official job offer. Please follow the link to view the list of countries whose citizens do not require a visa to enter Canada on the official website of the Canadian government:

Meeting at the airport, adaptation and start of work

ILC meets its candidates at the airport of their arrival in their new country of employment. The company office in Saskatoon, Canada, supports ILC candidates that live and work in Canada.

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