Success Stories

Svitlana, a wife of Ukrainian car mechanic, shares her experience about setting up her own business

Canada is a brilliant country. People here are very kind and sensitive, and they are always ready to help you. You don't have to be afraid of some obstacles, choose your main goal and do your best for achieving it. Read more

Vinnytsia native Taras shares his first impressions of Canada and his work at an Albertan meat processing plant.

"ILC helps people to change their lives for the better and I wish as many people as possible would have such an opportunity" Read more

Oleksandr, a farmer from Donetsk region, tells about his employment at ranch (open farm) and his life in Canada.

"I advise you to come to Canada. Everybody should choose for himself, but Canada is a good country to live, work and bring up children. At first we will go through adaptation period but our children will feel comfortable and well here", says Oleksandr. Read more

Kateryna, a wife of carpenter Igor, shares her experience of family life in Canada.

"Don't dream about having different life, take definite measures to change your life. Studying English is a must; The scheme "I start talking after I get into an English-speaking environment " - does not work! ". Read more

Leonid, a mechanic from Poltava region, tells about life and work in Canada.

“I’d like to recommend everyone who is going to immigrate to Canada to learn English. It is the main thing.In my opinion it’s worth going to Canada and starting a new life there if you are a professional in your field”, - Leonid recommends. Read more

Petro tells about his impressions of the internship program on the farm in Sweden.

“I’d like to recommend everyone to participate in the internship program in agricultural sector. If you wish to work honestly, obtain some experience and earnings, - then Sweden is the best choice for you”, - recommends farmer assistant Petro. Read more

Oleksandr, a mechanic from Cherkasy, Ukraine, tells about his work in Canada.

«I've lived abroad before, so I integrated easily into my new life in Canada. We've quickly found other Ukrainians and made new friends. Our family rents a good, spacious apartment, and we have our own transport for driving around the city.» Read more

Alec from Ireland tells about floorhand job in Canada.

"I find my job very interesting and each day is a school day that I like. There is always something new to learn." Read more

Natalia from Novograd-Volynskyi town, Zhytomyr region, tells about employment at meat processing plant and life in Canada.

In Canada I feel confident about my future. I wish success and persistence to all the participants. Everything will be great. Study English Read more

Olegas, long-haul truck driver from Lithuania tells about his work in Canada

We travel long distances across Canada and USA, this opens an opportunity for us to visit new interesting places. Cabins are great, and sleeping berths are very comfortable. The truck drivers are treated very well on the road. I like it a lot. Read more
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