Starting in 2000, ILC has provided international recruiting services. During this time ILC has provided quality international recruitment solutions for more than 400 companies from Canada, Sweden, the UK, Italy, Ireland and Germany. We recruit staff for pioneering companies in metals processing, construction, agriculture, oil & gas, transportation, hospitality and meat processing industries from different countries of the world.

Thanks to the professional and capable assistance of ILC, employers are provided with quality recruitment solutions involving foreign skilled workers. We search for employees in Ukraine, Russia, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, plus other European countries and CIS member states.

ILC understands the importance of quality recruitment solutions, so we arrange practical skills testing for candidates to check their professional skills level. ILC is responsible for arranging skills testing of welders, truck drivers, construction labourers and slaughterhouse workers. In Ukraine, welding and construction tests are held in cooperation with the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Sciences and Technologies (SIAST), which provides an opportunity to check professional skills according to a Canadian skills recognition system.

ILC encourages work candidates to master English since the company can arrange English language courses for program participants, prepare candidates for IELTS exams and teach professional terminology for faster adaptation of the employee at his/her new workplace.

ILC guarantees that its program participants are skilled workers who meet all the requirements of prospective employers. The company achieves excellent results owing to its knowledge of the occupational specifics of each country, its dedication to team work, ILC's high standing as an experienced recruitment agency and popularity among foreign employees.

ILC is an agent of Canadian immigration consultant Walter Garchinski, who is a full-fledged member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC; Membership ID #R410855) and represents the interests of applicants in embassies and immigration services.

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Canadian employer tells about professional attestation of construction workers
Professional attestation of construction workers
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