The main activity of ILC consists of providing employment and immigration services. We cooperate with companies specialized in the metals processing, construction, agriculture, oil & gas, transportation, hospitality and meat processing industries. We have two offices, one in Kyiv, Ukraine, and the other in Saskatoon, Canada. For 15 years ILC has successfully placed more than 6,000 immigrants and collaborated with 400 companies in Canada, Sweden, the UK, Italy, Ireland and Germany to do so.

ILC provides a full range of services for employers: consultations and pre-screening of employees and successful adaptation of workers in their adopted country. We provide quality solutions for our customers by recruiting foreign skilled workers, meaning we help them overcome the challenges posed by shortages of skilled workers on the local labour market.

As part of our current programs, ILC arranges practical testing of welders and construction workers in cooperation with the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Sciences and Technologies (SIAST). For Ukrainian skilled labourers, welding tests take place at the E. Paton Electric Welding Institute in Kyiv, while practical skills tests for construction workers are held at local trade schools. ILC also arranges practical skills testing for citizens of other European countries, including English language testing according to the evaluation guidelines set by the Canadian Language Benchmark, with testing conducted by certified ILC teachers. As part of other ongoing programs, ILC arranges language courses that contribute greatly to the speedy adaptation of all new workers in their adopted country.

Our customers receive a full range of professional recruitment and training services, starting from employment consultations, processing of all paperwork to support and adaptation of recent immigrants in their new country of work. ILC provides services to skilled workers from Ukraine, Ireland, the UK, Eastern European countries and CIS member states.

ILC is licensed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy to carry out international employment programs (license #АВ 519114 28.05.2010; See the License).

ILC constantly works to improve its services through corporate development, streamlining of its work processes and consistent updates of new opportunities for our customers and business partners.


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