Ben Blakely, Manager, Fleet Recruiting, Yanke Group (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Yanke has been very proactive in their strategy towards recruiting foreign workers.  ILC and Yanke have been working together since 2007 in order to recruit long-haul truck drivers.  Since this time, ILC has successfully recruited 85 truck drivers of which Yanke has retained some 95%.  ILC thoroughly screens candidates prior to suggesting them to Yanke, including an English test and a practical road test.  The company has been to Kiev on 3 separate occasions to meet with ILC officials and to interview candidates.  This has resulted in Yanke favouring the employment of Ukrainian truck drivers and offering candidates English training subsidies during the process as well as paying for the Ukrainian truck drivers to obtain their class 1A licence once they are granted the work visa.  Yanke and ILC continue to collaborate for the recruitment of qualified foreign truck drivers workers from Ukraine and other parts of Europe.

 "When we first decided to look at recruiting long haul truck drivers from Ukraine, our largest concern was being able to provide the English language training we knew was required to be successful in their new jobs in North America.  However, with the excellent work and training provided by ILC and the quality of the Ukrainian candidates, we have been able to overcome those concerns.  The relationship with ILC has grown into a successful partnership and our Ukrainian recruits are rapidly becoming like family here in Canada."


David Harvey, Associate Vice President, Business Development & Advancement
Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST)

SIAST and ILC have been cooperating for many years to deliver recognition of foreign skills and to develop ways for employers to source certified and tested workers.  This strategic partnership led to numerous employers visiting Ukraine and sourcing workers who had been tested according to the Canadian standards.  SIAST's knowledge in trades and apprenticeship has assisted ILC greatly in this practical testing portion of foreign recruitment.

"The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST), has been working closely with KYLC since 2008.  KYLC and its affiliated training institutions provide, on behalf of SIAST, technical skill and language assessment of potential immigrants to Canada under the various provincial nomination programs under the SIAST "Skills Passport" program ( SIAST is very happy with our collaboration with ILC."


Serdgio Rozato, Veneto Lavoro General Manager. (Veneto, Italy)

"Veneto Lavoro has collaborated with ILC since 2008. The main objective has been to facilitate legal immigration of Ukrainian citizens who would like to work in Italy. Additionally, we support and develop projects for Ukrainians returning home after obtaining some professional experience in Italy. Because of ILC's innovative approach to the employment process and the excellent recruitment and training work of their staff, we consider ILC works according to European standards in Ukraine as well as abroad."


Richard Polinsky, Royal Well Servicing Ltd. (Alberta, Canada)

ILC has been working with Royal Well Servicing since 2009.  Their need to grow and reduce their staff turnover led ILC to consult with them and provide them with 23 service rig floorhands.  Royal Well has come to embrace the benefit of hiring foreign workers and especially Ukrainian ones.  The partnership between ILC and Royal Well continues to flourish as the Lloydminster-based plans to recruit more floorhands and to promote the previous group of Ukrainians to driller positions.

"ILC's services are very cost effective because they pre-screen applicants so that the interviews we conduct are with people who meet our requirements.  We would use ILC again due to the personal interaction of their staff in the process and because Ukrainians are hardworking, appreciative of the job opportunity and acclimatize easily to the local weather due to Ukraine's similar climate."


Alberto Sandri, Director ANCE (Verona town, Veneto, Italy)

"During our first visit in August 2007, we were impressed with ILC's professional staff. We were impressed not only by the hospitable reception, but also by their level of training, competence and knowledge of the labor migration process.  We also were impressed by the fact that ILC has information on the Ukrainian labor market and assists Italian businessmen interested in investing in Ukraine.  When «Edilscuola», a company in Verona, asked for support in their first internship project for young Ukrainians in Italy, we provided our assistance so that the program would be supported by two highly professional and competent organization - ILC and ours, a company in Verona's building industry"


Peter Mah, Springhill Farms LP (Manitoba, Canada)

Springhill farms first started working with ILC when they travelled to Kiev in 2008 in order to meet the labour shortages that their Manitoba-based meat-processing plant was facing.  ILC  facilitated the recruitment of over 45 meat cutters in 2008; initially sent as temporary foreign workers.  Since this time, all of the workers have obtained permanent residence, brought their families and Springhill Farms has retained approximately 90%.  Contributing to this statistic was ILC's strong recruitment capabilities and Springhill Farms' Ukrainian-English translator who supported the workers during orientation and workplace safety training.

"ILC has been very helpful and efficient in recruiting foreign meat cutters for our company in Canada. Springhill Farms would certainly consider ILC again."

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